New Hampshire is One of the Lucky Ones

On April 8, 2024, New Hampshire is one of the states in the country that will be able to see the total solar eclipse. In other words, the moon will be passing over the sun, completely blocking its light.

It's a big deal because the next eclipse won't happen again for decades (in August of 2044), according to a video from UNH that you can watch at the bottom of this article.

The North Country Will See a Total Eclipse

Northern New Hampshire will be the best place to see the entire eclipse, according to Visit NH, including almost all of Coos County, from Lancaster up to the Canadian border.

The rest of New Hampshire will get a good view as well, with about 95% totality, the website states. The eclipse is said to last about three minutes and 30 seconds.

Check out this map from to find out what your view will be wherever you are in the state.

Eclipse Viewing Rules

There are some rules you should follow before you gaze at the eclipse.  It's something you want to see, but don't hurt your eyes.

Luckily, we have UNH.  Check out this video:

What's the Big Deal?

There are those out there who don't think the eclipse is a big deal.  A friend of mine was telling me that she thinks of the cosmos on a daily basis, so it's not such a special occasion to have the moon block the sun.

The only cosmos that I think about on a daily basis are the ones they serve at the Railpenny Tavern in Epping.

Where do you plan on being on April 8?  Will you make the trip up north?

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