As I was scrolling on my phone (as we do every minute of our free time these days), I noticed that people had strong opinions about the position of a certain motorcycle driver on the road.  The bike was close to the yellow middle lines in the lane, and was next to another motorcyclist.  This 'anonymous' person was traveling behind the bikes and complaining about their position on the road.  Turns out, however, that's where motorcycles should ride.

This 'Anonymous' New Hampshire Driver Has Never Been on a Motorcycle

An anonymous Facebook post from Raymond NH Area Squawks said,

Are there different rules we aren't aware of? If I drove on the yellow line with my car and my mirror was over the line, I'd be considered an A-hole and screamed and honked at. Seems dangerous given the people that text and drive. Only takes a second...

You can imagine the barrage of comments that this person got.  The motorcyclist was doing exactly what you should do when riding on the roads.

Some of the comments said things like, "People on motorcycles also drive this close to the yellow line so the person in front of them can see them in their mirrors," and "Tell me you’ve never ridden a motorcycle without telling me."

According to, motorcycles can use the entire lane that they are in.  Only two motorcycles can ride next to each other in one lane.  According to the NH,

ride where the driver can see you in the rearview mirror.  .....  Remember that most drivers don't look at their sideview mirrors nearly as often as they check the rearview mirror.

We are very quick to go online and complain about something that we see on the road. However, it might be a good idea to know what the law is first.  Otherwise, you'll get a barrage of negativity thrown your way, and who wants that in their lives?

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