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Maine Woman Miraculously Wakes Up from Coma


To quote Winston Churchill “Never, Never, Never give up.”  Bettina Lerman contracted COVID-19 and had been in a coma for more than a month.  She was only 69, but was unvaccinated and has diabetes, a known underlying condition.  The family prepared to take her off life support based on the recommendations from doctors who believed there was no hope of her making it according to wmur.


No Hope?  Never, there is always hope


I am a firm believer in never giving up.  I have a health care directive that tells my family to keep me alive at all costs because I refuse to die.  I mean, I know I am going to die, but even in death, I want my body frozen in the hope of being reanimated someday.  I know you all think I am crazy.  But look at what just happened to Portland, Maine resident Bettina Lerman!  She was in a coma, the doctors advised turning off life support.  Her son, Andrew Lerman was in the process of purchasing a headstone for his mother when he got the call from the hospital that his mother had woken up!


Still Taking it Easy


While Lerman tells that his mother is still on supplemental oxygen and has a long recovery ahead of her, she is alive.  Lerman tells, “We asked her, do you remember anybody talking to you and coming to see you?  And she shook her head yes.”  What an amazing story of recovery.  Lerman wants other families that have a loved one suffering from COVID not to give up hope. I’m so happy that things turned around for Bettina Lerman!


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