Winter dining experiences are crucial to enjoying the brutal New England winter.

Let’s face it, summer dining along the seacoast is the best. The outdoor dining options from Portsmouth to Ogunquit and Newburyport to York are massive. To feel the ocean breeze in the hot summer sun is one of the best feelings.

More importantly, outdoor dining is the best.

My wife and I would eat outdoors all winter long, and we do. When we head to Burlington, Vermont, we often wear our ski suits and have a cocktail in the snow.

Well, you don’t need to do that here in Maine.

The Kennebunkport Inn in Kennebunkport, Maine, has the coolest (yet warm) outdoor winter dining experiences on the Seacoast.

You can sit in these real, unique ski gondolas for a full meal with up to six friends!

It is like a winter wonderland on this patio, with string lights above and a fire pit in the middle.

Travellikealocalma via Instagram
Travellikealocalma via Instagram

Reservations are certainly needed for this once-in-a-lifetime dining experience. So if you are interested, call 207-967-2621 and press option 4!

According to the Kennebunk Inn website, there are some rules and regulations you might want to be aware of:

90-minute dining time limit


There is no additional fee or f&b minimum requirement


Gondola is heated, but we still recommend dressing warmly


Cancelling without 24 hours’ notice results in a charge of $25 per person


We require a credit card on file for a guest to be able to make a reservation


2 dining structures can fit up to 6 guests, while one can fit up to 4 guests

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