What Happens When You Let Kids Name Snow Plows?


The State of Vermont Agency of Transportation is genius.  I haven’t laughed so hard in a while.  The agency came up with the brilliant idea of letting schools choose the name for the snowplows that operate in their area.  The names range from silly, to hilarious and some left me scratching my head.


Kids Say the Cutest Things


Imagine your job is operating a snowplow in Vermont.  I would fancy you keep busy during the winter months.  Instead of being assigned to Plow Number 23, you may be assigned to “Plowtron” or “Jennifer Snowpez,” per the VTrans website.  Some of the other names are “Snowbegone Kenobi, Eye of the Tiger, Yo Bro, No Snow, Plowy McPlowFace and so many others.  The kids at Jericho Elementary school named theirs “Snowday Buster.”  Mid Vermont Christian School got very creative with “Darth Blader.”  My personal favorite is probably the kids from Ludlow Elementary School who named their plow “Get Out of My Way!”  Sounds like those kids have been through some things.


Does Your Car Have a Name?


What a great way to bring the community together.  The PR People at the Vermont Agency of Transportation are onto something.  My wife named her car “Mr. Darcy” and she said is it after a book.  I told her no one names their car, but I must confess she has had that car for over 11 years, and she takes good care of it.  Maybe if you put a name to an inanimate object you take care of it better.  I just replaced the brakes on my car for what seems like the 4th time and it doesn’t have a name.  Pilots back in WWII used to name their airplanes and paint elaborate faces on the front of them.  I hope the Vermont Agency of Transportation’s next project involves painting the names of the plows on either the blade or the side.  Bring it on Winter!


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