Since today is the day of love, I thought I would let my Honda Civic know just how much he means to me. And I thought this declaration of love would be better if it here goes nothing:

Ode to Honda

When I saw you for the first time

I tried to play it cool and stay aloof

But your pretty blue paint caught my eye

and then I noiticed your sassy sunroof!


I began to think of all the fun times

That we could have together

In the Summer with the windows down

or even braving nasty Winter weather


I'm so sorry about what happend Sunday

You must have been terrified 

I promise to never leave you again 

parked beneath a tow zone sign


Our love story is now three months long

I still can't believe I have a car this posh 

I will always try to keep your interior clean 

and regularly go through the car wash


I love you my sweet Honda Civic

You're better than all those other models and makes

And I promise to love you for the rest of my days

Or at least until your transmission breaks.

True love is out there. Find yours today at the Honda Barn in Stratham.. <3

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