All of my favorite things about going to a game at Gilette Stadium had nothing to do with the sporting event itself. But the fact that we kicked some major Steeler booty certainly didn't hurt.

I started my day with some tailgating festivities. It was pretty chilly and raining but we didn't let mother nature put a damper on our party.

We ate like kings! I'm talking wings, dip, macaroni and cheese, subs, my belly has never been happier. We also drank our fair share of adult sodas.

Did I mention I went with my fiance and his family? They are Steelers fans. I KNOW but nobody is perfect right?


Kira Lew
Kira Lew

My man and his best "frenemy" Adam

Once our bellies were full and our hearts were happy from hours of tailgating, it was time to head into the stadium.

The energy and excitement hit me instantly! Being in that stadium is a whole different beast. And some might even call me a good luck charm, since we all know what the scoreboard looked like at the end:

It was a sad game for Steelers fans. But we New Englanders are pretty psyched for our boys to head to Houston in two weeks. Superbowl 51 here we come!

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