Meet Timber. A 10-week-old Shih Tzu from Laconia, New Hampshire.

Natalia Wylie
Natalia Wylie

Timber just experienced his first real snowstorm and it was a good one! Most of the Lakes Region got 8 inches of fresh powder. Since Timber is new to the whole snow game, it's very fortunate he had his older and wiser brother Max by his side to show him the ropes. Natlia Wylie shared this sweet moment between her two pups on Facebook and we all let out a collective "AWWWWWWWW!" Side note: don't you think their should be an "Awww" reaction? I'll have to talk to Zuckerberg about that.

Natalia Wylie via Facebook

I imagine Max is saying to Timber, "Okay, man! First you take a few bites of snow and THEN you roll around in it."

Since I've lived in New England my whole life, the whole snow thing sometimes loses it's thrill. I find myself starting to feel crotchety and bitter about Winter. But when that happens, I just think about how pumped animals get to run outside and play in the snow and that usually puts me in check.

Could this beautiful horse be more obsessed with the snow? I think not!

This Husky is straight CHILLIN in her snow bed: (pun very intended)


These Sandown pups seem to be enjoying their first snow of the season!

Okay, I'm thinking Wallace the cat might want to move to Florida. He's like "MY PAWS! MY PAWS!!!"

Do you have animal that loves to play in the snow? Drop us a photo or video in the comments section. It will brighten our day.


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