Have you ever thought about traveling to an island in New England?

Sure, the Bahamas are nice. All Caribbean islands are tropical, warm, and have endless beauty.

But islands in New England hold beauty of their own too, especially one big one.

The second-largest island on the entire East Coast is Mount Desert Island in Maine. This island only comes second to one: Long Island (which makes sense).

But Mount Desert Island is a STUNNER in all seasons, especially in summer. Mount Desert Island is home to the first sunrise in the entire United States.

Mount Desert is in Hancock County, where Acadia National Park is located. Acadia is the seventh most visited national park with 3,879,890 visitors in 2023, according to a USA Today article.

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It is for good reason that Acadia and Mount Desert Island are so visited by New Englanders and national park enthusiasts worldwide.

The second largest island on the East Coast, Mount Desert, is gorgeous and has SO MUCH to offer.

Whether you are a hiker, boater, or just like walking around downtown and popping in and out of shops and restaurants, Mount Desert Island offers something for everyone.

I have now been to Mount Desert (specifically Acadia National Park) four times. Each time has offered something else.

One time, we strictly hiked and camped. Another time, we were frequently on the water, canoeing, fishing, etc. Other times, we have spent full days in downtown Bar Harbor, shopping, drinking, and eating at new restaurants.

I cannot recommend spending a long weekend or a full week on Mount Desert Island in Maine. It is not just worth a day trip, it is worth more of your time. After all, it is the second largest island on the East Coast.

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