We received some tragic news that this past Friday night we lost one of our own. According to his obituary, Mike "Mikey" Martel passed away at the age of 67 after a period of failing health. Mike was a part of the WOKQ family for over 30 years. Did you know the term "Joke Du Jour" was actually copyrighted by WOKQ all thanks to Mikey?!

I spoke with a few folks who worked with Mike and they all had fond memories from working with this sweet soul. Every day when he got off the air he would make his rounds telling jokes and making everyone laugh. He was known for his contagious laugh and special brand of self deprecating humor.

As a broadcaster on the WOKQ airwaves, I aspire to make even a fraction of the impact that Mike made on this community. We miss him dearly and remember him fondly.
Here are a few photos of Mikey from back in the day courtesy of our pal Cliff Blake.
Mike is on the left with his co-host Dan Lunnie (who is still in New England, now lives in Lebanon, Maine) in the "rollin' radio" minivan! This photo was taken sometime in the mid 90's.
Cliff Blake

Mike on the left with Cliff Blake at some event that Cliff can't remember. But he knows Mike made people laugh!

Cliff Blake
In his honor, please take a listen to Mike's "Jock Jingle" that dates back to 1977!