Is New England (kind-of) the New Hollywood? Hocus Pocus 2 and Don't Look Up are two of the latest movies to have been filmed in New England, with Finestkind filming right now in the Boston metro area.

But the IMDb list is crazy long, and includes television shows like HBO's Dexter: New Blood and Showtime's City on a Hill with Kevin Bacon.

Now, get ready for more celebrity sightings because Foxborough, Massachusetts, is the new home of a movie and television studio.

Kelly O'Neill WJAR Facebook/Canva
Kelly O'Neill WJAR Facebook/Canva

I'm loving this, because New England is about to get hotter with show biz buzz.

And yes, that's Gillette Stadium in the top right corner, because of course this new studio is on a 26-acre piece of property owned by the Kraft family. The land is sometimes used for Patriots overflow parking, according to WJAR.

Right now, 208 North Street Studios, LLC owns this unnamed studio, affiliated with Boston-based Red Sky Studios, so there's already a long history of working in New England that will make for an easy transition.

Kelly O'Neill WJAR Facebook/Canva
Kelly O'Neill WJAR Facebook/Canva

According to WJAR, this property used to be a truck terminal warehouse. After sitting empty most of the time along Route 1, it's on its way to becoming two soundstages for movies & television shows.

And get this: according to Red Sky Studios, discussions are already underway for possible projects starting as early as this summer, 2022.

Maybe we'll see Tom Brady back in New England, since he's in the movie biz now.

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He's been filming a comedy in Los Angeles with his own production company called 80 For Brady.

 Meanwhile, here's some video of this latest home for "Hollywood."

What celebs would you love to see land here for some filming?

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