Hiking season is right around the corner. Well, honestly, it is here and now!

I have written about two really unique hikes for kids and families in New Hampshire, and received lots of positive feedback.

Hike #1: The Winnie the Pooh hike, where you can see the characters' homes and be a part of Christopher Robin's world.

Hike #2: Jake's Pond hike, where you will see wood carvings along this historic trail.

Hike #3: Little Niagara. A perfect local trail for you and your kiddos to see a waterfall without driving to the White Mountains.

Waterfalls are one of the most beautiful things the outdoors can offer. As adults, waterfalls may not hold as much beauty and value to you as they do for kids.

Do you remember seeing your first epic waterfall as a kid? I do. It was mesmerizing. A trail that took our family a half-hour to get to all of a sudden opened up into a beautiful oasis.

I remembered thinking, "Woah. This is a hidden gem that I GET TO EXPERIENCE." I still have that feeling for every waterfall I see, but I am a childish adult.

To kids, waterfalls (no matter the size) are often the most memorable part of any hike, or tip into the woods.

The "Little Niagara Falls" can be found along a one-mile trail. The trail itself is more of a dirt road, so it is super easy for kids, families, and nontechnical hikers.

The Little Niagra trail is located in Strafford, New Hampshire. Take First Crown Road until you see Little Niagra Road. Drive down that road until you hit the trailhead!

Happy hiking!

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