OK, who else gets an extra boost of excitement when they enter Freeport, Maine, and see the giant Bean Boot?

Well, who gets EXTRA excited when they're driving around and look up to see the iconic Bean Boot on wheels, the Bootmobile?

I know it's not just me. It's so fun. Right?

Actually, the Bookmobile is a product of L.L. Bean's 100th anniversary, standing over 13 feet high, according to L.L. Bean. That's a big shoe. Wow.

The moving boot was built in 2012, but surprise, it's not the only one in the fleet. There are more.

Thinking of that number, that means, that as of 2023, the Bootmobile has been around for over a decade. Time really does fly... or drive in a Bean Boot. Get it?

L.L. Bean says that,

 "The Bootmobile’s mission is to surprise and delight, while inspiring more people to find joy in the outdoors. Our three Bootmobiles have covered more than 350,000 miles, appeared at hundreds of events in 25 states, two countries, and dozens of college campuses."

Sidenote; have you guys ever seen the giant weenie truck driving around Portland like nothing's wrong (the Oscar Mayer one)? Why is it constantly driven by somebody who looks like they're completely unphased that they're operating a giant hot dog with a blinker? Hello, it's a giant hot dog!

Anyway, time to dive in and check out these incredible facts about the Bootmobile you probably never knew about before. And now I'm sharing them with you. You're welcome.

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