We need positivity in our lives now more than ever! That is why we love when listeners send us feel good stories happening in our community. Dawn from Madison, New Hampshire let us know that her son Logan turned 10-years-old yesterday. 10 is a big birthday! Double digits! He was pretty bummed that he wasn't going to be able to celebrate this important milestone with his friends.
Little did he know the community came together to throw him a surprise birthday parade complete with a police escort from not one, not two, but three different towns. (Shout out to Madison, Freedom, and Ossipee Police Departments!) Typically when the cops show up to your birthday it's not a great sign but in this case it was. Check it out:

Also, instead of gifts he held an online fundraiser leading up to his birthday to raise money for the Ham Arena. Logan plays hockey there and under normal circumstances the Ham is his home away from home. He raised $680 for the arena! His mom took to Facebook to make the announcement. Just look at that proud smile:

Happy belated birthday, Logan! We think you are awesome!

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