I love raccoons, aka trash pandas.  I had them near my house in New Jersey and they were huge lumbering creatures that were cute to look at.  I did not like the mess they made of my trash, however.  I have not encountered one on any of my hikes, but I understand that if I do come across one in the woods and it seems friendly, it’s probably sick.


Rapid Raccoon Fights Dog in Londonderry

Just last week, on April 13, a raccoon got into a fight with a dog on Holton Circle in Londonderry according to eagletribue.com.

Rabies is not on my list of diseases to get, nor would I want my pets to be put in danger.

Animal Control Officer David Carver was able to locate the raccoon and put it down.  It did test positive for rabies, according to the news article.

Always get your pets vaccinated for rabies.  If you have an unvaccinated pet and they get into a fight with an animal the chances of you catching that animal to have it tested would put you in danger.  And what if you can’t catch it?


Londonderry Rabies Clinic

Londonderry is pretty proactive when it comes to protecting pets.  The town held a rabies clinic where, according to eagletribune.com, more than 60 dogs were registered and vaccinated.

Since a rabid raccoon has been discovered and confirmed in the area, it’s more important than ever to make sure your pet has their rabies vaccination up to date.

If you have any questions you can contact Animal Control Officer David Carver at dcarver@londonderrynhpd.org.  Stay safe!



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