Granite State Magazine has released it's "Best Of' list. Topping "City On The Rise is an often overlooked community.

According to, the city of Rochester topped the list. On Wednesday, the announcement was made by the magazine's editorial staff. Rochester’s “significant grassroots movement to bootstrap the city into prominence as a center for art, culture, dining and economic vitality."

Nearby Portsmouth and Dover often receive accolades for topping best-of lists, but to many, Rochester's recent status has come as no surprise. The hard work is finally paying off, often over a decade in the making. Many have tirelessly worked to revitalize Rochester's business core and its downtown.

Matt Wyatt, who is a member of the arts scene was quoted in Fosters "“The recognition also shows that people from outside of Rochester agree that our city is ‘up and coming’ and already offers has a ton of exceptional arts and cultural programming.”

The word is out, Rochester is comin' up!

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