Jim McCue, a New England native is hosting a comedy show Saturday night at the Roundabout Diner and Lounge in Portsmouth according to the patch.com/new-hampshire/Portsmouth. By far the biggest thing I have missed during this pandemic is going to comedy shows.  I love comedy.  I have been binge-watching comedians on Netflix for months, but nothing is a substitute for a live comedy show.  Jim McCue is a great comedian who often goes off script and he is great at improv.

He stands head and shoulders above the crowd of comedians out there, literally, he is six foot six!  Seating capacity is limited, and you can get info on tickets here Eventbrite link. If you haven’t seen him live you might be familiar with his work on Comedy Central, Comcast Comedy Spotlight, and NBC’s “Last Comic Standing,” per reporting from patch.com/new-hampshire/Portsmouth.  Jim loves the audience participating and really knows how to work a crowd.  He will be appearing with Jaylene Tran and Jack Lynch at this event.


This is one of the big things I have missed during the lockdown.  I can’t get enough of live comedy clubs and I am really looking forward to more shows coming out as restrictions get lifted.  At the event with Jim McCue, they are playing it safe.  The Roundabout Diner and Lounge in Portsmouth will be observing all COVID-19 cautions.  Masks are mandatory, social distancing will be enforced.  The performers will be at least six feet from those in the audience.  I personally don't know Jim but one of my best friends does and he told me he is awesome. After 2020 I really need a laugh.


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