Someone with a healthy dose of the Christmas spirit and an awesome sense of humor has filled a few potholes in North Attleboro, Mass with tiny Christmas trees topped with festive red bows according to  North Attleboro police posted on their Facebook page Monday some photos of the trees with the statement “Looks like someone is getting into the Christmas spirit early,” according to

I think it’s a nice touch.  I mean, you can call and complain about potholes and no one comes to fill them.  You can put traffic cones out to warn people or you can show up at City Hall and demand they be fixed, or you can passively-aggressively place cute tiny Christmas trees in the potholes. That sad reality is that during a time of crisis, with the pandemic and all, I doubt potholes are high on the list of priorities.   Going and yelling at some helpless clerk who has no power to fix the potholes at City Hall isn’t going to get them fixed.

Even if you start a letter-writing or email campaign about the potholes, you most likely are not going to draw significant attention to the problem.  But think about how brilliant the strategy of placing tiny Christmas trees in the potholes is.  First, you aren’t causing any damage to people that may run over them because they are tiny trees.  Second, they are cute and fun-filled to look at.  Third, the strategy gained the attention of the news media.  I am confident it brightened some driver’s day and made them laugh.  I bet they get fixed now.  This was just brilliant!  Merry Christmas.




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