It's the story of young love, and a hard life in the beginning.  A couple just trying to make ends meet, living in a trailer with a baby, and another on the way.

48 years ago, Phil and Skyla Carmona were that young married couple enduring the stresses of family life.  Phil was an elite special forces soldier, which had its own stresses for the duo. Every couple has their ups and downs, but at one particularly rough patch, a wedding ring was thrown into the woods near their trailer while living at Fort Devens, Massachusetts.

According to, the couple worked through the tough times and have stayed together for over 48 years, with eight children, 12 grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

They did search for that ring, which was tossed away back in 1975. They even traveled back to Fort Devens, Massachusetts to look for it, but the weather didn't cooperate, and the ring was never recovered.

But as they approach their golden wedding anniversary, Skyla took to social media.  She reached out on Facebook to a Massachusetts metal detector group, and someone responded.  The group, equipped with a detailed map provided by Phil, went to work on the project.

Sure enough, the volunteers found the ring under four inches of dirt.

Skyla couldn't believe it, and she and Phil are so grateful to the honest and hard-working group.  The ring is back where it belongs, but Skyla says she not putting it back on her hand until February 2, 2024, the same date it was slipped on her finger in York, South Carolina, 50 years ago.

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