My in-laws were in town over the weekend and we were brainstorming fun things we could do together. They had never been to Portland and since it's only a 50 minute drive and the weather was gorgeous we thought, "why the heck not?" We visited the Portland Head Light which is so beautiful. It never ceases to amaze me. Then we thought of the next most tourist-y thing you can do when you visit Maine and that was go get a lobster roll!

We parked the car and started walking down the pier when we saw a sign for Luke's Lobster. It had an arrow pointing towards the water so I knew this place would have a killer view, which it did. It also had lobster mac & cheese that changed my life for the better and really fun and outgoing servers. All around the place just exuded lovely Maine vibes.

One of my favorite parts of my experience was when one of the servers pointed out a cute little seal's head poking out of the water. She went on to explain that that was Sealy Dan, the resident seal of Luke's Lobster. I poked around Luke's Instagram to see if Sealy Dan had a social media presence but from what I can see he swims under the radar. If you look REAL close you can see him in the background of this photo. This is like Where's Waldo, seal edition!

Kira Lew
Kira Lew

I didn't realize what a gem we found but apparently Luke's is a hot destination! Conde Nast Traveler magazine even featured Luke's in an article called The Best East Coast Road Trips to Take This Year. For Coastal Maine they said Luke’s Lobster is a must try. They recommend  their Maine-style lobster roll aka chilled lobster served atop a buttered, toasted bun, with  just a dab of mayo.

Have you ever been to Luke's Lobster in Portland?

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