Maddie & Tae sat down with deejays from our sister station, WYRK, to spill a few not-so-ladylike secrets.

In a game called Napkins, named on the spot, the girls made some big admissions ... like who burps loudest and farts the most. Led by the station's Rob Banks and Liz Mantel, the trivia game started out pretty tame: "Who is the most creative?"

"I'm like the crafter," Maddie shares in the video, adding, "but with decorating, that's her." Maddie also didn't mind laying down her napkins to admit she takes much longer than her duo partner to get ready! "I'll be happy to admit that," she spills.

Then, things got a little more interesting. Banks broke out the big guns in asking the girls, "Who farts the most?"

Both Maddie & Tae giggled as they laid down their napkins, which both read "T," meaning Tae definitely passes the most gas. She didn't even seem embarrassed, quickly admitting she also is the burper of the group.

"I told you, I have two older brothers," she clarifies. "You shouldn't be shocked."

Tae continued to show she has no shame when it came time to admit who gets sweatier. "When we had our video shoot, it was 100 degrees outside and every five minutes they had to bring me back ... and blow-dry my hair," she says. "I was soaking wet."

Later, she had a realization: "No guys are going to like me after this video."

Watch the hilarious  video above to learn some more about 'Girl in a Country Song' singers Maddie & Tae!

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