Stephen King is arguably the most critically acclaimed literary genius to hail from the Pine Tree state.

According to good 'ol Wikipedia, his books have sold over 350 million copies.

He was born in Portland, raised in Scarborough and Durham, Maine, and studied at the University of Maine in Orono.

I blame King for the majority of my nightmares as a child. My older brother suggested I join him for a showing of "The Shining" at the ripe age of six. I don't think I've ever been right since.

According to, a group of young writers at Farwell Elementary School in Lewiston, Maine, are following in King's footsteps.

The site states their story "Fletcher McKenzie and the Passage to Whole,” is about a boy from Maine. The 290-page manuscript is described as "pandemic inspired".

The site states the Lewiston Elementary school has an amazing program called "Author Studies Program". With a little help from Stephen King's foundation, this group of budding young writers can now call themselves published authors! They are well on their way to having long and prosperous writing careers just like Stephen King. says King kicked in $6,500 and other local groups also contributed donations. It takes a village to publish a book!


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