A man from Maine named Theron was trying to heal his broken heart after his cat named Cutie Pie disappeared. The cat had been missing for about a week and he had given up hope. He went to the Bangor humane society to look for another pet fill the void.
As he perused the kennels and scoped out the adoptable cats, he noticed one in particular because it closely resembled his Cutie Pie. He stopped to examine this kitty more closely. It was then he realized, this WAS his Cute Pie! Theron erupted with joy and the feeling was mutual! They had never seen a cat so eager to be in a cat carrier.

The Humane Society shared a photo of the two reunited friends on their Facebook page:

Bangor Humane Society via Facebook
Bangor Humane Society via Facebook

The caption said:

“We want to reunite as many animals as possible with their owners, and it's an honor to keep them safe until that can happen."

Talk about a purrfect ending! You thought you were going to get through this article without a cat pun?!


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