This is why we can’t have nice things. is reporting that due to multiple complaints of the lack of social distancing, some Maine towns may close their beaches.  According to, Saco, Maine city officials are considering a shutdown of the beaches because tons of residents are calling their local officials and complaining.  People pull it together.  Don’t make them close the beaches.  My wife and I were at Wells beach last week and were happy with the ability that we had to social distance.

I must say that we didn’t see many masks though.  My wife wears a mask all the time and gets a few strange looks, but hey, it’s her choice. I understand that if I was rich enough to own a house on the beach, I would be pretty upset with beach crowds. quotes Eric Pendelton, whose family has lived on King Avenue for several generations says, “Of course I wouldn’t want the beaches to be closed, but I would just like to see everyone just get on board with putting on a mask, being more mindful of physical distancing, especially if they’re parking here and not from here.”

He had me till I saw the “if they’re parking here and not from here.”  From what I have seen, you are either for masks or you are against them.  There isn’t much middle ground and I think you either want people to social distance and wear masks no matter where you are from.  There is no state that hasn’t felt the effects of the pandemic.  For now, is reporting that the issue of beach closures, masks, and social distancing will be discussed in future city council meetings. I like to get to the beach early at 5 am.  No real parking problem at that time of day.  Stay safe!


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