Maine Tourist Season

We know all about Maine tourist season, especially right now since we're in the heat of it. As soon as Memorial Day Weekend comes and goes, locals no longer own and control the state anymore, as we make way for tens of thousands of people from away.

Which makes the fact we only ranked #10 on this list in the entire country absolutely head-scratching and bogus.

Gerson Repreza / Mark Olsen
Gerson Repreza / Mark Olsen

Best Road Trip Destinations

Recently, WalletHub decided to drop their 2023 list of Best and Worst States for a Summer Road Trip. A helpful tool for sure, since, leading up to and during the summer months, Maine friends and families along with friends and families from away plan out their summer getaways.

And while Maine clearly reeks of awesomeness and stellarocity with the simple fact that we even have a tourist season in the first place, it seems like we need a little more respect put on our name when it comes to this list.

Because we were only ranked #10 in this WalletHub list.

Daniel Hanscom
Daniel Hanscom

Some of the states that were ranked better than Maine? According to the WalletHub list: Texas, New York, Ohio, Idaho, Florida, Minnesota, Wyoming, and more.

With all due respect to those other states (except New York, because, ya know, Yankees Suck and stuff) -- HUH?!

Granted, Texas has super low gas prices and Buc-ees (seriously, Buc-ees needs to be a thing in New England), but still -- better than Maine?

Ohio? I've driven through there -- part of it is literally nothing but corn fields, plus they have a few sports teams, most of which are mediocre at best (except the Bengals, respect to them. And no offense to the others, really. I mean, the Pats are the same way right now so it's simply just facts.)

Idaho has potatoes, Florida has Disney and Universal Studios, Minnesota gets cold AF, and who knows WTF is in Wyoming?

David Todd McCarty / Unsplash
David Todd McCarty / Unsplash


We have some of the best beaches around. We have the best lobstah, chowdah -- hell, the best seafood in the country, period -- that's half the reason why we're such a tourist destination.

We have lighthouses and other picturesque, beautiful views. The Portland Sea Dogs (including our new Hall of Famer, Slugger!) THE FREAKIN' OLD ORCHARD BEACH PIER.

And that's barely -- barely -- scratching the surface.

So, with all due respect to the WalletHub list -- Maine at #10 in the country? Hell no, you're way off.

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