Even though I am in a happy relationship (humble brag) I am totally here for the folks who want to use the day to get sweet sweet revenge on a terrible ex. I'm not talking about pulling a Carrie Underwood in Before He Cheats and slashing tires. We don't need a lawsuit on our hands. But every year I see zoos offering to name a cockroach after your ex. That kind of thing is harmless and just down right hilarious.

If you ask me, the Humane Society Waterville Area wins the V-day revenge game this year. According to WGME, they are offering to put the name of your ex on one of their finest litter boxes and let the cats go about their business. Their Facebook post says their cats promise to cover your #1 ex in plenty of #2. Take that, TRAVIS! (I don't actually have an ex named Travis, it just seemed like a good name to use) You can donate any amount from $5 to $100 and all proceeds benefit their furry residents. Last time we checked they had raised $230 of their $1,500 goal. With an amazing promotion like this, there is no doubt in my mind that they will reach their goal. Heck, they may even exceed it!

I am tempted to participate but I don't have any ex boyfriends that I want cats to defecate on. Do ex bosses count? hahaha

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