It seems like every other week we are hearing about some new critter or insect that is making their way to home.  Last summer, it was those spiders that used their webs as a parachute so they could float on the wind.  Creepy, eh?  More recently, we have been hearing about a version of the Black Widow spider that makes its home in Maine.

Now, there is a new insect to keep an eye out for - the Spotted Lanternfly!

According to the USDA, the Lanternfly (AKA Lycorma delicatula) is originally from China.  They were first spotted in the US, specifically in the State of Pennsylvania, in 2014.



Why Are Spotted Lanternflies A Problem?

The USDA explains that they are an invasive species that feasts on many different types of fruits and trees.  Specifically, they really like apples, cherries, hops, maples trees, oak trees, pine trees, willow trees, and poplar trees.

If there are enough of them in an area, it is possible for them to seriously affect the harvest of certain fruits.

This video shows what a pest they can be:

Where Can The Lanternflies Be Found

The first reported sighting of them in the United States was in Pennsylvania.  Since then, they have been reported in Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Connecticut, Ohio, and several other states.

They often invade new locations when their eggs are picked up with loads of wood and transported.


Are There Spotted Lanternflies In Maine?

Currently, there does not appear to be an outbreak of the pests in the State of Maine.  However, according to a recently published article in Entomology Today, parts of the State of Maine offer the perfect habitat for the pests.  Particularly, Southern Maine, Coastal Maine, and Central Maine.  The western and northern parts of the state really are not to the bug's liking.

At this point, Mainers just want to be aware of them and keeping an eye out for the bugs.  Learn more and report sightings of the bugs HERE

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