I wrote last week about the general forecasts released by the Farmers’ Almanac but to get down to specifics for Maine, we could see some snow in two separate big storms.  It’s just part of the charm of living in New England; the beautiful snowfalls.  This coming winter it could be a lot different than last year.  Last year we saw relatively little snowfall and above normal temperatures. If you love a Maine winter filled with snow and cold, according to onlyinyourstate.com/Maine, this could be your year for fun.  Maybe it’s time for me to buy some skis.

The Farmers’ Almanac is predicting a nice blizzard is hitting New England in February that could wallop Maine with up to 2 feet of snow.  I don’t want to dig my car out of that but I would love to get out and enjoy the snow.  Let’s hope the temperatures stay low so the snow can hang around long enough for us to have some fun snowmobiling or skiing. Onlyinyourstate.com/Maine is also reporting that Maine could be hit with a March storm bringing heavy snowfall.

I’m down with some spring snowfall.  Bring it on.   Do you believe in the forecasting out of the Farmers’ Almanac?  I hope it’s true because I bought snow tires last year and barely needed them.  I need some snow in my life after this scorching summer.  I am really looking forward to getting a chance to see the Nubble light covered in snow and just watching the ocean during a snowfall.



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