The retailer's move north of the border has been teased for months, and will soon become reality.

Next time you're in Toronto, there's a chance you'll find familiar surroundings. According to WMUR News 9, The Maine-based retailer announced last week that a 13,000 square-foot location will open its doors late next month just outside of Toronto.

It was only last year that company officials said they were looking to expand into our northern neighbors' territory. This was supposed to be over the next 10 years. However, plans seemed to accelerate, as the company also launched a Canadian-specific website last month.

WMUR News 9 reported L.L. Bean already owns 28 stores, a call center and a distribution center in Japan, where it has operated since 1992. Their venture into the great north will be a little different, as they have partnered with Toronto-based Jaytex Group on the L.L. Bean-branded stores.

The company has indicated international sales are key to their continued growth.


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