The last time Maine saw an exit expansion in the state was back in 2004 when Exit 86 in Sabattus opened up on the Turnpike.

The new exchange was more than 20 years ago and an edition hasn’t been made on the highway since. As a state that is constantly growing and expanding, we are once again constructing our turnpike, and a new exit is scheduled to open in the fall of 2025.

WMTW shared some details about the expansion, explaining the Maine turnpike will be widened on the southbound side between Exit 36 and Exit 35, with the new 35 exit opening in the next two years in the Saco area.

If it’s in two years then why care now? The prep work for the construction has already begun and we can once again expect a lot of construction during the summer here in Maine.

As a state with such a long winter season, we don't get a lot of productive construction done during the colder months and we save a lot of big projects for the summer. Summer also brings in an influx of tourists, adding to the traffic problem we face every season.

The access ramp to the Ramada Inn has closed permanently, prepping for the site has commenced, and although this project will take a long time, the construction has already begun.

In the next coming months, crews will start building the northbound toll plaza and you will start to see the beginning of a long process of opening a brand new exit on the Maine Turnpike.

This is all part of a larger project that you can learn more about here.

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