I told this story on our "Good Stuff" segment this morning and then something pretty amazing happened. When stay-at-home orders were handed out in mid-March, a mom from San Diego named Rhiannon Menn was struggling to find a purpose. She was thinking about what her strengths are in this life and how she could use her skills for good. Suddenly it came to her, she can make a pretty bomb lasagna! And let's face it lasagna is the ultimate comfort food. Rhiannon started making extra meals for other families in her community who were struggling during the pandemic.

Word traveled about how the San Diego mama was helping her community and others started asking how they could get involved. Thus the organization Lasagna Love was born. This group now has  more than 500 members in 266 cities across the country. So far, these lasagna mamas (and papas) have fed more than 3,000 families with their home cooking. Anyone can sign up to make a lasagna or order one to their doorstep and each one comes with an encouraging note.

A woman by the name of Tinique Lenderman happened to hear the story today and sent us a message. Tinique is the regional lead for Lasagna Love in New Hampshire. Tinique encourages Granite Staters to reach out to her if they would like to become a lasagna mama or papa or to order a lasagna themselves! She can be reached directly at Tinique.lenderman@gmail.com.

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