Death and grief is a touchy subject in our culture and it really shouldn't be. Not to be extremely grim but we are all going to have to say goodbye to someone we love someday. It is a part of life. But unfortunately, many people feel like they have to internalize their grief and not talk about their pain because it makes other people uncomfortable. You know what I say? When you are grieving, do whatever helps! If you feel like listening to a saved voicemail from that person 32 times in a row, do that. If you want to hear fun stories about that person and how they touched other people's lives, do that! Or if you want to go out to eat on your wedding anniversary and bring pictures of your beloved, DO THAT!

Mark lost his wife back in December but instead of sitting at home feeling sorry for himself on the day of their wedding anniversary (which would be totally understandable), he took a different approach. He decided to still honor the day by going out to eat at The Old Salt and Lamie's Inn in Hampton, New Hampshire. Mark brought in some photos of his beautiful bride and enjoyed a delicious meal while reminiscing on all of the good times they shared. They even had a place setting for her. The staff was extremely touched shared this photo of Mark on their Facebook page:

The Old Salt and Lamie's Inn via Facebook
The Old Salt and Lamie's Inn via Facebook

They wrote:

"Happy Anniversary, Mark, may you always know her love!"

We share that sentiment! It is clear you are a very special person, Mark. I'm sure your wife is looking down on you and smiling.

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