This might not be the easiest way to get in good with the in-laws. But this
guy's set for life now. A guy in Boston was diagnosed with liver cancer last
summer, and his only option was a transplant from a living donor. So his
entire family got tested. And it turned out the only person who was a match
was his daughter’s fiancé.

The poor guy was in pretty bad shape by that point. He'd lost a lot of
weight. So back in February, doctors removed 60% of the fiance’s liver…
gave it to the father-in-law…and it all went great. And less than three
months after the surgery, he was well enough to make it to the wedding.
He even danced. And each section of the liver is regenerating. So pretty
soon, they'll both have full-sized livers again.

This is a bonus…the father-in-law joked the son-in-law never needs to buy
him a Father's Day gift. And if his daughter ever gets angry, he'll always
take her husband’s side in a fight. Check out the full story here.

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