The man believes it could have been a case of mistaken identity, and he received a call from the President after the incident.

Last Thursday, Donald Trump paid a visit to Manchester's Southern New Hampshire University. During the event, protesters held signs, chanted, and caught the attention of the President.

Trump heckled ,“That guy’s got a serious weight problem. ... Go home. Start exercising. Get him out of here, please. He’s got a bigger problem than I do. Got a bigger problem than all of us. Now, he goes home and his mom says, ‘What the hell have you just done?’”

Except the person he possibly directed his attention toward was an actual supporter.

According to NBC 10 Boston, Frank Dawson said he ripped down their signs before the protesters were escorted out of the arena. He said security then thanked him and gave him a Trump 2020 hat. On top of this, the President left him a voicemail.

“He thanked me for taking the signs away from the protesters,” he said in the article.

Despite the scene, Dawson, who served as a deputy U.S. marshal for three decades doesn't plan to vote differently than he did in 2016.

He told NBC 10,  “I think he thought I was part of it, but I wasn’t.”  He added, “Everything’s good. I love the guy. He’s the best thing that ever happened to this country.”

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