Picture courtesy of Town Landing Market via Facebook
Picture courtesy of Town Landing Market via Facebook

This Maine lobsterman should play the lottery because he is by far one of the luckiest fishermen in the state!

He had the pleasure of catching the ultra-rare lobster with a genetic defect that causes a bluish color, according to CNN.com, and it looks cotton candy-colored.

Of course, catching one of these special lobsters may be a once in a lifetime experience, if you are lucky, but John McInnes has caught the same lobster twice, the news station reported.

McInnes caught the lobster last October, but it was too small to keep so he let it go, according to CNN.  Then, shockingly, he caught the same lobster again about a mile and a half from when he had previously let it go.

Seems like the lobster didn’t travel too far since last October.  Don’t fear for the cotton candy lobster though.

McInnes says he is holding onto to it in a tank and hopes to donate to an aquarium, according to CNN. Seems like this lobster will beat the odds and live a long life.

Generally, this defect in their coloring makes them easier to spot for predators so the fact that he has made it this far is pretty amazing.

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