Okay, I'm extremely immature but when I heard this story I was howling with laughter. Just the idea of hurling a pickle out a car window is hysterical to me. I understand it probably didn't feel very good to the person who got slapped in the face by it.

According to NECN, a man named Christoph Herrmannsdoerfer from Williamstown, Massachusetts was driving along Route 7 in Pownal, Vermont on Tuesday. Apparently he was snacking on a pickle while he was driving. Though it seems like a strange snack to enjoy on the road (how do you not get a lap full of pickle juice?) I love pickles so I respect his decision.

The next part is where it gets confusing. I am not sure if he took one bite out of the pickle and decided it wasn't to his liking, or if he had a big lunch and didn't want any of the pickle. But in any case, Chistoph decided to dispose of the pickle and by throwing it out his car window. The pickle went flying and hit an innocent bystander. And not just any innocent bystander. It hit  an Agency of Transportation employee named Carl Hoffman. The drive by pickling allegedly caused Carl Hoffman some pain and Christoph is now being charged with simple assault.

This is not something you see on Law and Order, but it is entertaining none the less.

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