You could consider a good deed for the day that might save your neighborhood.

Even if we didn't get the amount of snow expected, there is still a ton to dig out from. Throw bitterly cold temperatures into the mix, and many of us have a get it done as quickly as possible metallity.

However, there's more work to be done. One of the items consistently overlooked, or taken for granted are fire hydrants. The cold reality is nobody thinks about a fire hydrant until their house is on fire. So, think of the city of Manchester asking residents to adopt a hydrant as not only great community work, but potentially saving the neighborhood.

On their Facebook page, the City of Manchester Water Works, reports that there are 4,500 fire hydrants around the city, and each needs to be dug out. While they have personnel in place, it will take a week (or more) to dig out all of them. You can help by digging out the fire hydrant nearest to your residence.



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