You think your day is going along fine, and then bam.  You walk back to your parked vehicle and there's an orange ticket on the windshield.  Oh no!

Feeling outraged, you look around and notice most everyone else parked on the street has an orange ticket too.

Then you see people driving by and looking very confused at all the parking tickets doled out on this busy street in downtown Manchester, New Hampshire.  What the heck is going on?  Is it the end of month rash of tickets, or the beginning of the month way to get a head start on parking ticket quotas?

This was the discussion on the "What's going on in Manchester, NH" Facebook Group.

People were hopping mad because they had two orange sheets on their windshield, one in English and one in Spanish to cover all bases.

One comment said,

Omg they must have gone nuts writing tickets , got to raise money for the city. Not like our increase in our taxes is going to do it.

and another said,

Maybe someone jumped the gun on the winter parking ban and gave a bunch of people tickets?

It turns out the orange tickets were not tickets notifying you there's a boot on your wheel.  It was actually a notice about the winter parking ban going into effect, and detailing the odd/even parking rules.

What's Going on in Manchester via Facebook
What's Going on in Manchester via Facebook

The odd/even rule is parking on one side of the street in December, and another side in January, etc, so the plows can clear the snow better when not in a snow emergency situation, as in a snow parking ban.

Now you know what all the hubbub is about, so take heed.  Winter is here.

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