New Hampshire's Governor Chris Sununu let the state mask mandate expire today.


According to WGME-13 the mask mandate in New Hampshire started in November 20, 2020. Gov. Sununu tweeted the announcement that it's over April 16, 2021:


Sighting hospitalizations as stable, vaccinations increasing and deaths going down, he said it was the right time. He was quick to point out that private businesses can set their own mandates. Cities and towns can do the same. He also said, that they will continue to encourage wearing masks when social distancing isn't available.

New Hampshire was the last New England state to have a mask mandate and today, they become the first to lift it. Gov. Sununu knows that the fight isn't over, but NH has done a great job with vaccinations. Over 70% of people in the state 16 and over have either been fully vaccinated, have at least one shot or have an appointment to get vaccinated.

However, some are not in support of this decision saying that New Hampshire is averaging more new cases and hospitalizations daily than when the mask mandate went into affect.

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