A 16-year-old kid in Wayland, Michigan started choking. His mom was the only one home, and for some reason, she wasn't able to do the Heimlich.  She didn't have a phone, so calling 911 wasn't an option. She did have internet access...so she frantically got on Facebook and tried to reach her local fire department.

But, according to WBZ News in Boston, she accidentally sent a message to the fire department in Wayland, Massachusetts by mistake. Lucky for her, one of the firefighters happened to be the Facebook administrator, and saw her message.

They immediately got on the phone with firefighters in Wayland, Michigan, who sent an ambulance to the address the woman listed in her message. In the meantime, WBZ says, the firefighters in Massachusetts stayed online with the mom to assist her until Michigan rescue arrived.

And while she contacted the wrong fire department 800 miles away, and they saved this kid's life, firefighters urge you not to reach out through Facebook or social media in an emergency situation. Instead call 911 whenever possible.



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