Posting a crime on social media will get you caught even quicker.

Most people visit farms to pet and feed the animals. Some will selfie with them, and might even film a video for their social media accounts. According to WMUR News 9, three men in Taunton, MA are being charged with animal cruelty charges after they allegedly blew marijuana smoke into goat's face. Lorenzo Kelley, 20, Nuno Camara Jr., 18, and Jared Jorge, 21,  circulated a video on social media earlier this week.

Police said the video shows them take a goat out of its pen and put a chain around its neck. Later, a video shows the goat inside a home with one of the men sitting on top of the goat’s back. Two of the men can be seen blowing marijuana smoke in the animal’s face, while the third man is filming the incident. Police said the three are seen carrying on and laughing at the alleged abuse of the goat.

In the report, police said the goat is expected to be fine, and has been placed in the care of animal cruelty officers.

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