Many New England residents are making the best of a late season Nor'easter blanketing the northeast. One Newton, Mass teenager decided to channel Star Wars while navigating the storm.


15 year old Alex Wymer braved the storm to show off a few lightsaber skills in his Newton, Massachusetts back yard. During the thirty second video, Alex wields his dual lightsaber, possibly fighting off evil snowflakes (any flakes after March 1st are evil in my opinion). Complete with a soundtrack dubbed in, the video went viral and eventually gained national attention on CNN's Morning Express..


The Boston Globe commented "The only thing missing from the scene was a Tauntaun the horned creatures that roam the snow-covered planet Hoth in the “Star Wars” films."

In ten or fifteen years, when his snow duties include dusting off cars, and an hour of shoveling per storm, Alex will be able to look back on this moment in the same way all wax nostalgic, a simpler time.



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