This is not your usual missing cat story.  A family, who legally owns the 40-pound African serval cat, is asking for the public’s help in locating their missing family pet.  This beautiful cat is named Spartacus and he went missing on Wednesday from Peaslee Road in Merrimack according to  You won’t mistake him for a feral cat, he is very distinctive from his markings and his size.  Spartacus does answer to his name but is usually skittish around strangers.


No one knows how far the cat may have traveled so any nearby areas should be on the on alert.  According to reporting by, Police and the owners of Spartacus do not believe the public should be afraid of the cat.  Animal control officers are working closely with the owners and police in locating this rare animal.  If you happen to see a 40-pound African serval cat, it is someone’s beloved pet and officials urge you to report any sightings to dispatchers at 603-424-3774.

Any help you can provide to bring Spartacus home would be appreciated.  Since it is unknown how far this cat can travel, be on the lookout in the towns surrounding Merrimack and let your friends and neighbors know.  African serval can run up to 40 miles per hour so it’s not like you are going to catch it.  Let authorities know if you spot him and let animal control officers handle him. He is an unusual animal for our area but remember Spartacus is a truly loved family pet, who lives with other pets in the household including a dog.  Let’s bring Spartacus home.



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