I know a lot of people start off the year doing "Dry January" but I missed the boat on that one. So I figured I would give it a whirl in February and yes I may have picked it because it is the shortest month ;)

For those of you saying "what the heck is a dry February" it means going the entire month without drinking any alchohol, not even a sip.

Now I am not someone who typically drinks every night of the week but I do enjoy my after work glass of wine now and then or a cocktail while catching up with friends.

I'm two weeks in and haven't cheated yet! Here are some observations I have made in my first 14 days of "going dry":

  • I find my friends annoying when they are drunk and I am not drinking with them.
  • There is so much time in the weekend to get stuff done when you wake up feeling fresh as a daisy on Saturday and Sunday morning!
  • I have been sleeping like a newborn baby after a bottle of warm milk every night.
  • I have been eating a lot of dessert and justifying it because I am not drinking my calories anymore. I need to cut that out.
  • My friend Jaimie and I are partners in dry crime and whenever we are feeling weak we text one another for support.
jaimie text one
  • Surrounding myself with non drinkers, like my mom, has made my life a little easier.

(we did drink a lot of seltzer that night)

  • Passing up free alchohol is hard.
  • I went to Florida for four days and thought I would really miss having cocktails on the beach. But I went without them and it was just as enjoyable. (almost)

Only 14 more days to go!! I will check back in with final thoughts at the the end of this experience. Wish me luck :)

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