If you can’t make it to Stonehenge in England, why not try NEW England’s Stonehenge?  They even have an App for that on both Google Play and the Apple App Store.  Located on Haverhill Road in Salem, New Hampshire, marvel in the splendor of what is said to be the oldest man-made structure in the United States.  Rocks and forests surround you.  Historians believe it held significance to the solar and lunar calendar just like the Stonehenge across the pond!


How Old Is It?


Located near the summit of Mystery Hill, its purpose baffles researchers.  Carbon dating appears to indicate that the stones were placed nearly 4000 years ago according to stonehengusa.com.  Just as mystifying as Stonehenge in England, no one is sure who built it or why.  It does seem to be a sort of solar calendar the area is filled with man-made stone caverns and stone structures. Who would have made such a place?  Did Native Americans build it or did the Vikings?  What I do know is it is an amazing walk through nature and man-made stone structures that will make you question your place in the universe.


Open to Visitors


America’s Stonehenge is open to visitors all year, but they hold special events such as a drum circle and Solstice Rituals at special times.  They even offer guided tours.  Check out the link and explore New England’s rich history and the beauty of nature at this special time of the year. Don’t forget to check out the Alpacas that are up there.  It’s a great day out for the family. For more info check out their website.


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