I am not a mom yet, but from what I understand, the mom gig can be tough and isolating at times. My friends who are mothers tell me how nice it is to meet other moms who they vibe with. They understand each other on a different level, plus it's fun to arrange play dates with your kids when you enjoy spending time together!

Being a mother of twins is a whole different animal. Those moms have double the fun but also double the struggles when it comes to sleep schedules, feedings, etc. Can you imagine how pumped you would be if you were a parent of twins and you met another parent of twins at the park and you two got along great? This happened to Sara Elisabeth but sadly she didn't have time to grab the other mom's info, so we have a Missed Connection on our hands. I am trying to help these two mamas find each other again! They need to arrange playdates and exchange twin tips and tricks on a regular basis!

So here is what I know: Sara was at White Park in Concord with her twin daughters Gracelyn and Kinsley on Sunday April 18th around noon. She met another mama of identical twin girls and they started chatting about the differences and similarities between their daughters. They were on the swings at the time. The mystery mama's twins were around the same age as Sara's (3 and a half)

Sara Elisabeth via Facebook
Sara Elisabeth via Facebook

Sara's little ladies started having a meltdown so she had to high tail it out of there. Sara didn't get a chance to ask the other mom for her digits, so here we are!

If you know a mom of identical twin girls who are around 3 and a half in the Concord, NH, area, share this post with them!

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