According to the Bangor Daily News, Keizer is a 8-year-old King German Shepherd/malamute mix from Ashby, Massachusetts. About 8 months ago, Keiser went missing.

But then last week, something miraculous happened.

A stray dog was brought into a no-kill shelter in Paris, Maine. He was very timid and shy and no one knew where he came from. They started calling him "Grizz" and posted a photo of his good looking mug on their Facebook page. The photo was getting lots of attention, being liked and shared up a storm! A lot of people wanted to adopt Grizz and give him a second chance at life. The shelter wanted to wait to see if his original owners came forth.

Low and behold Keiser/Grizz's owners saw the photo on Facebook! They spoke with the shelter and were able to identify things about their pooch that no one else would know! Plus when they started calling the dog Keizer they noticed an instant change and he seemed to get his confidence back.

No one knows how Keiser ended up in Maine. Did he travel by foot or was he brought up here? Was he taken in and escaped yet again? If only this dog could tell us about his travels! The most important thing is Keiser will be reunited with his owners after his 175-mile journey north and that is beyond amazing.

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