New Hampshire’s annual Moose hunt is set to kick off October 17 and run through October 25, according to

You will know if you are ready if you are one of the lucky permit holders that were chosen in this year’s lottery.  A total of 49 permit holders were picked this year.

There were more than 5,800 applications this year, according to

A lot of work goes behind a moose hunt.  Each hunter is assigned at Wildlife Management Units.  There are twenty-two Wildlife Management Units.

Those with a permit have been working hard to scout out those WMUs.  If those permit hunters are lucky enough to bag a moose, they must take the moose to check stations and have the animals registered and checked.  The reason for the check-ins is that wildlife biologists inspect the moose for data about the health and productivity of the herd according to  This information gives Fish and Game valuable information on the state of the herd.

Last year’s hunt took in 38 moose, the Fish and Game site stated, and the annual moose hunt has been going on for 30 years.

Back in 1988 the moose population of New Hampshire was about 1,600 and has grown to nearly 3,300 now, according to Fish and Game.

True confession, I have never been hunting.  My wife grew up hunting and is shocked that I have never even tasted Moose meat.  She bagged a few deer in her teens, and she grew up eating venison more than beef. I have just seen pictures of Moose and they look terrifying.  Anything that big looks prehistoric to me.  Good luck to all those hunters this year.



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