Recent news on Brian Williams and Jon Stewart is heartbreaking.

I've been loyal to NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams for many years and word came Tuesday night that he is suspended for six months. On top of that, Jon Stewart announced he will be leaving The Daily Show at some point this year. It's just a little too much at once. I'm having a hard time digesting the fact that my television viewing habits are going to change, drastically.

Getty Images Bryan Bedder
Getty Images Bryan Bedder

How to talk 'Boston!'

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If you or someone you know is from Boston or New England for that matter, you'll want to check out this story and video!. It's hysterical.


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If you play the lottery, tonight's jackpot is estimated at $485 million dollars! That's the third largest in New Hampshire history! Good luck and play responsibly.


Morning sunshine gives way to increasing clouds this afternoon with a flurry or two possible, high 22. Partly to mostly sunny skies in the North Country with afternoon clouds. High of 20. Check your 5-day forecast. 

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Embassies close in Yemen
The U.S., Britain and France have closed their embassies in Yemen as the security situation worsens in the poorest Arab nation. The countries evacuated embassy staff this morning, and the U.K. Minister for the Middle East is urging all British nationals in the country to get out. Shiite rebels who recently took control of the Yemeni capital of Sanaa have been patrolling the streets with assault rifles. Witnesses say they stabbed and beat a group of protesters who were trying to reach the local U.N. office.

One dead in Brentwood crash
One person was killed in a head-on crash on Route 125 Tuesday night.State Police say 57 year old Catherine Roberts of Epping was driving northbound just after 9 pm when her car crossed the center line and struck an oncoming pick-up truck head on. A second driver, 34 year old John Mattern of Kingston, suffered minor injuries.

Over a dozen tested positive for TB
Fifteen schoolchildren and one adult have tested positive as having been exposed to tuberculosis, but the state Health Department says there's no public health threat. Officials say it's safe for children and adults with positive skin test results to be at the school and for others to be around them. That's because they are not sick with TB and cannot spread the bacteria.

Wake Up Winning

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