I found the solution for everyone who ever thought their refrigerator needed a consultant.

The folks at Greatist.com have a great article on how to organize your fridge to maximize efficiency and save money. This is a learning lesson that I desperately need.

For example, did you know you could put tortillas, pasta sauce and eggs in the freezer? Or that you have to separate fruits and vegetables? Storing food properly is  an art form.

I read it to learn about how there is a very specific way you should store things in your refrigerator, and came away feeling terribly inadequate when I looked at my own. I guess you need to have enough items in your fridge to make the comparison credible, and I obviously don't.

You might think that by having only coffee, lettuce, oatmeal and eggs in mine I could get something right? Nope! I guess having the condiments on the door is my only consolation. If you know of anyone who is disciplined enough to keep their refrigerator highly organized, let's hear about it!

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